ETher NDE crate for WCNDT Durban South Africa goes on lean reduction programme.

Here is the original crate. It is approxiamtely a 1.65m cube.We packed everyting in it only to find it took up a third of the crate so rather than ship a lot of air we cut the crate down.


So now it is a much slimmer crate.

Just as well as despite saying the truck driver need to bring a fork lift truck he didn’t.

So we packed it again. This time everything did fit with not too much empty space.


Screwed the side panel on.


Then the guys hefted it onto the truck.

The only problem here was that somone from next door had parked their car across our roller shutter door (the only way we could get the crate out the building). He eouldn’t see why they needed to move thier car and then thought it unreasonable that we made him wait to leave whilst we loaded the truck. Usually he parks in my parking place at the front and can’t see anything wrong with that either. So don’t have any sympathy.

Tot Siens

See you all in South Africa