ETher NDE, UK’s leading Eddy Current NDT Solutions Provider

ETher NDE, UK’s leading Eddy Current NDT Solutions Provider and Gold Sponsor for the 18th World Conference of NDT (WCNDT) in Durban South Africa 16-20 April 2012. See us on stand 14

For the first time in history the World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing will be hosted in Africa.

  1. 120 companies involved in the NDT field, either as equipment or service providers have purchased exhibition space. The exhibition covers a surface area of around 9500 m2, which is approximately the size of a rugby field. In this exhibition the NDT industry is showcasing the state-of-the-art NDT technology to the world.
  2. 5 plenary speakers and 25 overview speakers have accepted the invitation to present the state-of-the-technology to the international NDT community. These lectures will have as a purpose the outlining of the NDT industry in the various technologies.
  3. 520 papers will be read in 8 parallel sessions, or will be presented in the form of posters, which will give the opportunity for one-on-one discussions. Here the industry communicates regarding developments which are on the go. Please make use of this unique opportunity to become aware of the latest developments.
  4. A number of discussion sessions and podium discussions have been scheduled on topics of interest to various sectors in the industry.
  5. The programme has been submitted to SAIMechE for the awarding of CPD points for attendees, who need to gain the points for 2012. Please make this the event to gain at least 3 of the CPD points for 2012.



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